“HM-Q 2020” - Opening AC Sensor with Mega Bus

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    Here are some special design make it possible for coils to use in some occasions that users can install and test without disconnecting the conductors. The flexible coil and hard coil with reserved gap can both realize this function. If there are any installing micro errors for core current measuring system with gaps, such as current transformer, it will cause the apparent errors for amplitude and phase of measuring signals. But the Rogowski coil doesn’t have this problem, even there are installing errors in the connecting point of coils, it will only cause the slight effect to the testing results.

    power industry
    Measuring impulse current when starting motor
    Motor overloading/short circuit protection
    UPS error monitoring
     electric energy metering
     accurate calibration of current transformer
     harmonic monitoring of power grid
     rectifier current measuring
     electric energy metering of low power coefficient device
    • ground fault monitoring of large-scale complex conductor
     current distribution monitoring of parallel conductors
     conductor sensing current measurement of large-scale electrical equipment
     turn-off current measuring of disconnector
     switch cabinet protection with medium-high voltage
     insulator leakage current measurement
    metallurgical industry
    Secondary side current measurement of electric-arc furnace transformer
    impulse current measurement
    Current measurement of lightning test equipment
    welding current measurement
     electromagnetic gun current measurement
     railway traffic
    Track current measurement, it ensure the railway scheduling system signal from interruption.
     The monitoring of traction current ensures that locomotive power supply system won’t produce interrupted harmonic to railway scheduling system.

    AC current: 100A~20kA   precision class 0.5
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