“HM-R 3100” - Harmonic Current Sensor for Harmonic Analyzer

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  • The flexible Rogowski coil can be used to measure the conductor current with larger or special size. The reserved installing space for measuring equipment by these conductors is pretty small, so it needs a lightweight measuring system to finish the test.

    The flexible coil is much better in use compared with hard coil, but its precision (1%) is lower than the hard ones (0.1%).And it’s better than hard coil in measuring the high-frequency current. Here are a flexible skeleton in the center of coil. The flexible coil usually has two sizes: standard coil using skeleton of 7mm diameters; thin coil using skeleton of 3.2mm. Besides, the cross section of coil is still depending on the thickness of insulating layer and whether here are shield.

    The contact of flexible coil has temporary type and permanent type, the former one is plugging type, using for portable device or temporary measurement of current, and the latter one is spiral type, using for long-time online measuring the current. Easy installation, no need for destructive conductor.

  •  power industry

    Measuring impulse current when starting motor

    Motor overloading/short circuit protection
    UPS error monitoring
     electric energy metering
     accurate calibration of current transformer
     harmonic monitoring of power grid
     rectifier current measuring
     electric energy metering of low power coefficient device
    • ground fault monitoring of large-scale complex conductor
     current distribution monitoring of parallel conductors
     Conductor sensing current measurement of large-scale electrical equipment
     turn-off current measuring of disconnector
     switch cabinet protection with medium-high voltage
     insulator leakage current measurement
     metallurgical industry
     Secondary side current measurement of electric-arc furnace transformer
     impulse current measurement
     Current measurement of lightning test equipment
      welding current measurement
     electromagnetic gun current measurement
     railway traffic
    Track current measurement, it ensure the railway scheduling system signal from interruption.
    The monitoring of traction current ensures that locomotive power supply system won’t produce interrupted harmonic to railway scheduling system.
  • current range: 0A~100A
    frequency range: 20~20kHz
    accuracy: ±1%

    Remarks: The specific parameters and specification can be customized according to customer’s needs.
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