“PDJ-230” - Three-phase Network Electric Meters

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    ■      HD LCD, clear mark, visual display.
        The size is suits for the national standard design, small volume, easy wiring, convenient installation.
        Passing the metrological certification.
    ■      Equipped with spot bus mode communication interface.
        Abundant I/O interface types, flexible expanding.
        Can edit alarming output.
        Can choose AC or DC power supply.
  • Products introduction: The PDJ-230 series of three-phase network electric power meter is mainly used in real-time monitoring and controlling of normal electrical equipment in 400V power distribution system, and it can be cooperated using with transformer, voltage divider and current divider etc, to realize the comprehensive management function of three-phase voltage and current. It’s also equipped with switching value input & output ability, and combined with measurement, calculation, control and communication these four functions. It’s the ideal terminal to realize distribution automation system.

    The PDJ-230 series of three-phase network electric power meter has combined with complete measurement, calculation and control output functions inside, with built-in effective values measuring processor, it’s specially suits for serious polluted occasions by higher harmonic. With abundant I/O interfaces, it can flexibly expand and satisfy different customers’ needs.
    Application field: Building energy consumption monitoring system, electric energy management system, energy management information system, industrial automation, electric energy calculating BS, substation automation, power distribution network automation, intelligent distributor, intelligent constructions and large-scare UPS system.
  • Productions’ function lectotype


    Function lectotype

    PDJ- 231

    PDJ- 232

    PDJ- 233

    PDJ- 234

    PDJ- 235

    PDJ- 236

    PDJ- 237

    Real-time measurement

    Phase voltage


    Sequence component of Phase voltage







    Line voltage




    Sequence component of Phase current







    Active power





    Reactive power





    Apparent power





     Power coefficient





    System frequency


    Voltage&current phase 






    Real-time electric energy 

    Loading characteristics L/C 





    Active/reactive electric degree





    apparent electric degree






    Meter reading function

    Automatic data logging at regular time






    Accumulate electric energy after clearing






    Quality analysis

    Voltage imbalance degrees








    Current imbalance degrees








    Current demand, power demand, demand peak value







    Maximum and minimum of every real-time measuring values








    Class 8 out-of-limit testing

    switching value input

    switching value input 4 routes  








    Relay output 

    Relay output 2 routes








    Communication function









    √ :表示标配   means standard  □:表示选配  means optional

     Technical indicators
     Measuring precision



    Resolution ratio

    Voltage, current 



    Active, reactive, apparent power



        Power factors      






    Active, reactive electrical degree



        Unbalance degree      




     voltage input
    PT primary side    maximum voltage 500kVac
    PT secondary side 400vac or 100vac (customization), can over limit for 20%
    Overloading ability    1.2Un (continuous);2000vac/1sec (no cycle)
    PT circuit power consumption     < 0.25VA
     current input
    PT primary side    maximum current 500kAac
    PT secondary side 5Aac or 1Aac (customization), can over limit for 20%
    Overloading ability    10A (continuous);100A/1Sec (no cycle)
    PT circuit power consumption     < 0.25VA
     switching value input
    Input form       wet node input
    SOE resolution     2ms
    Input voltage range     88 ~ 264Vac/dc  or 24Vdc (customization)
    Input resistance   200KΏ(when level 24Vdc it gets 40KΏ)
    Maximum input current     30mA
      relay output
    Input form       mechanical contacts ( stem node output)
    Maximum switching voltage       277Vac, 30Vdc
    Maximum switching power supply      3A (no current interruption is allowed)
    Withstand voltage of contact and coil     2500Vac(RMS)
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