“PYST201-C3” - Voltage Monitor

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  • PYST201-C3 voltage monitor suits for the following technical specifications:

    DL/T 478  static relay protection and security automatic device’ general technical conditions
    DL/T 500  voltage monitor using technical conditions
    IEEE 802.3 Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications
    Q/GDW 1817-2012  voltage monitor inspection specifications
  •    Storage with large capacity

        It can save the minutes average value and other non-measuring data for 45days,including out-of-limit restoration, alarm etc information, it can real-time upload and display.
        HD backlit display
        Adopting LCD with backlit function, and menu interface displayed all in Chinese. It can stably display under the hostile environment, A/B screen cooperated with key switching, easy operation, clear functions.
        Parameters setting and inquiring function
        It can get parameters altering and inquiring, to satisfy the real-time upgrade and parameters update of power distribution system.
        Accidents monitoring and alarming function.
        The voltage monitor can record all abnormal information during the operating process and upload in time.
        communication function
        Equipped with GPRS wireless communication, blue tooth, 485 & RS232 communication mode etc, it can satisfy the various communication needs.
        GPS function
        Quick positioning, the resolution is less than 20m
        self-inspection and self-recovery function
        Equipped with self-testing and self-diagnosis functions.
        remote upgrade functions
        It can completely use the voltage monitoring terminal to realize the remote upgrade to any piece of voltage monitoring device.
  •     Rated working voltage ( Ug)        AC 220V、380V
        Allowable deviation of voltage      0.60Ug~1.2Ug  
        Wiring mode         simultaneously satisfied single-phase, three-phase four-wire system, three-phase three-wire system or two-phase (V-shaped crossover).
        Rated frequency       50Hz, allowable deviation ±5
        Measuring precision of voltage     voltage measuring error is less than ±0.5% 
        Comprehensive measuring error ±0.5
        Precision of internal clock     every day is less than ±1s or every year is less than ±5min
        Temperature and humidity performance           can stably work 16h at the up&bottom limits of temperature and humidity
        electromagnetic compatibility    completely suits for the standard GB/T 17626
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