“PBST 102-GW” - Distribution Transformer Terminal Unit

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    ■  Real-time monitoring data collecting: Real-time monitoring of voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power coefficient and electric energy.
    ■  Statistics report: It will automatically report the extreme value, three-phase imbalance degrees, maximum demands and phase loss.
    ■  Meter reading function: Making summary of various electric energy, it can connect to meter reading system to copy every users’ electricity.
    ■  Data statistics and analysis function: The reports will directly output voltage qualified rate, power supply reliability, loading rate, power analysis, analysis about line loss and stealing electricity management etc.
    ■  Alarming function: Can set out-of-limit alarm and abnormal alarm.
    ■  Reactive power switching function: Capacitor switching time. Power compensation times.
    Load control function: It can remotely control the trip & switch on.
    ■  Protection function: Over-current ( overload) can protect trip and multiple switch on. 
    ■  Electric leakage protection function: Measuring the electric leakage, out-of-limit trip and switch on.
    ■  Abundant communication function: Infrared, 2 routes isolated RS-485, GPRS wireless communication.
    ■  Outage reporting function: It will automatically report after the terminal losing power.
    ■  Visual display: 128*64 LCD, visually display the terminal parameters and state, A/B screen displaying.
    ■  Abundant guiding function: Various situation guidance, the working state can be visual.
    ■  Keys operation: Directly operation by keys, easy and convenient.
    ■  Abundant rate setting function: Supporting holiday’s rate setting.
    ■  Terminal electric energy calculating function: Forward and reverse active/reactive electric energy calculation, it can set 14 rates.
    ■  Terminal data reporting: Current, voltage, maximum current, power and power coefficient; date and month statistics; real-time reporting.
    ■  Terminal data storage: It can save 6 months’ dates and months reporting data.
    ■  Other functions of terminal: 485 watt-hour meter, infrared meter reading, impulsed output, burglary and stealing electricity prevention.
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