“PS-01/30/50” - Maintenance Power Box

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  •     Mobile maintenance powert box suits for the spot temporary power supply device in electricity and communication etc industry. It has the advantages of portable take, flexible use and security etc. It’s an ideal maintaining helper for power generation and supply system, spot maintaining test.

  • Rated voltage      single-phase products 220V, three-phase products 220V/380V 

    Rated current   10A, 16A, 20A, 32A ( full-expanded cable, continuous duty on 40℃)

    Cable length series values   25M33M50M

    Rated leakage reactive current   ≤15mA

    Rated leakage active current   ≤30mA

    Rated leakage active time   ≤0.1S

    Processing custom    Yes

    Configurable: The line diameter is 1-4mm2, length is 25-100m, rubber sleeve soft cable or other line types ( single-phase, three-phase, and three-phase four lines);

    Configurable: Air switch, leakage protector, knife gate switch (16-60A) single-phase, three-phase, and three-phase four lines.

    Can configurate several tools and components for special requirments according to users’ needs.

    Can get single item’s transformation processing according to users’ needs ( aluminum alloy chassis configuration, circuit equipment)


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