“LC-10” - Line Loop Operation Monitor

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  • ■  Easy to take: Light wireless module data tester and handheld terminal, with strong flow experiment characteristics.
    Display screen with high resolution: 4.3 cun color screen with high resolution, it can real-time display the testing data and results.
    Flexible setting: It can set loop closing standard according to customer’s requirements to suits for the different working environment.
    Strong ability to expand: Set aside two USB interface, one RS232 communication interface and one network port, it has strong ability to expand.
    Super long working time: Excellent low consumption design and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it can make a longer stand-by time.


  • ■  Testing voltage range: line voltage 4.0—7.0KV
    Voltage measuring precision: < 0.3%
    Angle measuring precision: < 0.2%
    Rated working voltage: DC 3.7—4.2V


  • ■  Data measurement with high precision: It can real-time monitor the 3-phase voltage amplitude of 10KV high-tension line, same phase or any two phase voltage angle.
    Closing loop judge: It can get real-time judge about closing loop through data measurement according to customer’s setting requirements.
    Data display: Display with high resolution, and visual testing results.
    Keys operation: Here are 4 keys “CONFIRM”, “UP”, “DOWN” and “CANCEL”, it gets handheld terminal operating through keys operation.


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