“YD-200” - Wireless Telemetric Hexagon Diagram VA Phaser

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  •  Handset
    Handheld structure
    Large screen, it can display vector diagram, data form and measuring reports.
    Touch operation, no physical buttons.
    Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with large capacity, the operating time can get several days.
    The stand-alone can be used as three-phase clip-on VA phaser
    Dual machine or multimachine can get wireless synchronous remote sensing.
    Stand-alone or dual machine can remotely control the outdoor unit to measure secondary volume by adding primary volume in remote.
    Stand-alone can remotely control the outdoor unit to measure transformer hexagon diagram by adding primary volume.

     Outdoor unit
    outdoor unit with integrated structure
    It can get CT&PT primary side compression and through-flow.
    It can get primary volume from transformer high voltage side to measure hexagon diagram with handset.
     System structure features
    The system is composed of 1~N handsets and one outdoor unit.
    The handset is main control unit, while the outdoor unit is controlled unit.
    The handset is using for measuring, while the outdoor unit is using for voltage and current output.
    Single handset can work or use as normal three-phase VA phaser.
    Multiple handsets can do cooperative works and wireless remote sensing.
    Main handset can control the outdoor unit to do cooperative works.
    Main handset can control the outdoor unit and vice handset to do cooperative works.
    When multiple handsets work together, one use for main machine, and others use for vice machine, they can both be setted randomly.
  • It can directly be used as three-phase clip-on VA phaser, with large screen TFT LCD displaying and touch operation.

  •  Handset
    Measuring range of secondary voltage: 0~300V
    Measuring range of secondary current clamp: 0~6A
    Measuring range of hexagon diagram current: 10~200mA
    Measuring precision of voltage and current: ≤0.2%
    Phase precision of wireless remote sensing: ≤0.5°
    Frequency range: 45~65Hz
    Wireless communication distance: ≤1000m

    Outdoor unit
    Maximum output voltage with primary compression 2000V / 0.3A
    Maximum output current with primary through-flow 200A / 10V
    Hexagon diagram testing output primary current 0~10A
    Hexagon diagram testing output primary voltage 0~440V
    Measuring precision of primary voltage and current: ≤0.2%
    Power supply: AC220V / 10A

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