“HMB-24” - Microcomputer ATS Comprehensive Tester

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    ■  Completely simulating the every fault power-lossing situations in substation, to test action process of ATS and make a comprehensive and accurate assessment of ATS.
    ■  To test the complete output for up to 8 groups of three-phase voltage and 4 groups of single-phase voltage, 3 routes of three-phase current and 4 routes of single-phase current.
    ■  To test the complete simulation for up to 3 voltage levels, 8 bus voltages and 6-route branch current.
    ■  It can simulate up to 10 disconnectors’ complete information, such as location and trip/ switch on signal etc.
    ■  It can simulate the voltage, current, each switching position signals and trip/ switch on signals’ changing process during the whole testing, and then automatically record the accident cause, action content and time.
    ■  The interface can visually display the main wiring digram in substation, graphically simulate several typical wiring automatic switching logic, clear visually.
    ■  Open design, if here are users who have new type main wiring design, they can increase it conveniently by adjusting software, it realizes the universal test about main wiring.
    ■  All of the voltage and current are digitally controlled by program, digital setting, random adjustment and high precise output.
    ■  It can conveniently set each incoming line and bus’s voltage and current under pressure or without pressure, under current or without current.
    ■  With built-in embedded IPC and Linux operating system, 6.4 cun color screen, it can real-time display the main wiring state and data.
    ■ It can test ATS acting behaviors when incoming line recover the power supply, and preset ATS or switching device to test under rejection or incorrect action.
    ■  It will automatically save the parameters and testing results, no lose even the power drop.
  •     This device can simulate up to 3 voltage levels’ ATS actions of each types main wiring, can simulate wiring under every operating ways of substation and power supply system, to visually display and provide electrical signal and position signal of circuits and switches. It can also simulate abnormal situations under various operating ways, such as power loss of circuit, main transformer fault, hand/steal jump switch etc. Meanwhile, the device will automatically detect and simultaneously record the actions and related data to provide the basis of long-time operation and maintance.


    ■      Voltage output range: 0~120V/phase
    ■      Current output range: 0~6A/phase
    ■      Output precision of voltage: <0.5%
    ■      Phase precision: <1°
    ■      Supply voltage: 220 VAC±10% / 50Hz
        Volume: 350*400*150mm
     Weight: 13.5KG
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