“RELAYTESTAR-WS20” - Portable Gas Relay Calibrator

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      Light and portable device: It has the advantages as following, small volume, portable, easy operation, satisfy the spot testing needs, save equipment and many laboratory investments.
    ■  Advanced structure principle: It realized the breakthrough and high precise measurement with advanced piping design and theory optimization, 24-bit digital sensor with high precision, advanced data acquisition card and field bus, advanced ARM controlling technology and analyzed strategy.
    ■  Multiple flange bends: with special design, it can get high precise and stable measurement with all kinds of gas relay (Φ25, Φ50, Φ80 and other calibers).
    ■  Capacity measuring: Through precise pipeline calculation and special designed pressure sensor, it realized the precise measurement of capacity in real time. And the measuring resolution gets the 5ml.
    ■  Flow velocity measurement: Through smart channel design and with the flange bend, it adopts precise calculation, pressure and velocity algorithm to accurately finish all kinds of gas relay’s flow velocity measurements, and the measuring resolution gets the 0.1 meter/second.
    ■  Sealing measurement: Through reasonable pipeline design and layout, it detects the sealing performance by using air compressor pressurized to simulate the internal pressure of gas.
    ■  Stable performance: With complete separation of signal circuit, power circuit and pneumatic piping, it fully guarantees the equipment adaptation and reliability of spot testing environment.
    ■   Touch to operate, beautiful interface: Color graphic interface all in Chinese and real-time helping system, easy and visual operation, one-click automatic test for whole items, users can also check, analyze, save and print the results.

    ■  Detecting range of flow velocity:
    ■  Detecting range of gas capacity: 0~500 ml, minimum resolution 5ml.
    ■  Sealing performance test: 0.1~0.5MPa, 0~120 minutes, minimum resolution 1Kpa, precision class 0.2.
    ■  Test medium: The test medium are all kinds of transformer oil.
    ■   Working voltage: control system: AC220V, 50Hz
         Power system: AC220V, power 120W
    ■  Working temperature:  -10℃~+60℃
    ■  Boundary dimension: Main body: length × width × height 115×40×105cm     Weight 35kg
    Measuring and controlling box: length × width × height 40×30×20cm Weight 10kg
        Electric air compressor (purchased component)
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