“RELAYTESTAR-WS-100” - Gas Relay Calibrator

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  •     Power transformer is a kind of electrical equipment in electric system, it has equipped with multiple relay protection devices to ensure the transformer’s reliable operation, such as gas protection, backup protection and differential protection etc. Gas relay is an important executive component of gas protection, but it buried many hidden troubles for the grid security due to backward testing equipment and neglected calibration of gas relay in a long time. “RELAYTESTAR- WS100” Gas relay calibrator is a kind of brand new designed testing and calibrating device of gas relay. This calibrator can simulate the gas relay’s action mechanism in transformer internal faults, adopting a new generation of embedded control and high precise sensor measuring technology, to accurately detect the gas relay’s action velocity value and gas volume value. It has the features of high testing speed, high accuracy and well testing repeatability.

  •  Detecting range of flow velocity:

       Φ 25:0~4.0m/s
       Φ 50:0~3.0m/s
       Φ 80:0~2.0m/s
       Minimum resolution 0.01m/s, precision class 0.25.
       Detecting range of gas capacity: 0~1000 ml, minimum resolution 2ml, precision class 0.2.
    ■   Sealing performance test: 0.1~0.5MPa, 0~120 minutes, minimum resolution 1Kpa, precision class 0.2.
    ■   Test medium: The test medium are all kinds of transformer oil.
    ■    Working voltage: control system: AC220V, 50Hz
                  Power system: AC380V, power 5KW
    ■    Working temperature:  -10℃~+60℃
    ■    Boundary dimension: 1650×880×1400mm (length × width × height)
    ■    Net weight: 220kg
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