“BD-500A” - DC circuit breaker ampere-second characteristic tester

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  •     The device can provide 5~500A constant current, adopting advanced constant current controlling technology to ensure the testing accuracy and precision. Strong loading ability of constant current, it can chronically and stably work.
        Supporting dedicated expanding port circumscribed with expanding equipment, to expand output current to 1000A and realize test of more standards DC disconnector.  
    Standard dual-operation mode. The stand-alone can finish the whole tests of DC disconnector and save or print data. It can also be operated by circumscribed PC machine to save and process data, generate curve chart and reports.

        Adopting plug and play USB interface to connect PC machine, the principal computer will directly operate and control tests to save and print data, generate curves and reports.

        The stand-alone adopts microprocessor with high performance and speed to control, equipped with large LCD screen and top-speed printer. Stand-alone testing can directly display, print and save results, or upload to PC after testing.
       Equipped with power down protection memorizer with large capacity, it can save 25 groups disconnectors with 1000 testing data in total.
        Equipped with PC operating and data processing software, it can compare the testing data with standard curves, this is convenient for disconnector characteristics analysis.
        Adopting integrated design, small volume, light weight, it suits for the shifting use of every converting stations
  •     The device can output the steady constant current with maximum 500A ( can output larger current through expanding), can test acting characteristics and range cooperation. And it can also be used as constant current power supply alone.

  •     Maximum output current: 500A, can expand to 1000A
        Stability of output current: 0.5%
        Current adjusting range: 5~500A, can expand to 5~1000A
        Responding time for current output:  5ms
        Time measuring precision: 0.1ms

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