“HD-2612” - Battery Activation Instrument

  • peculiarity/
  • function/
  • parameter
  •    Adopting electronic load, large power, stong refrigeration, save and raliable, long working life.
       Can carry out charge, discharge and activated test with 2V, 6V, 12V those three voltage levels.
       Flexible operating choice, it can provide the following three operating modes:
        Discharging mode: According to the real situations of different delayed batteries, to discharge and test capacity of them.
        Charging mode: To get low voltage and constant current chrage with batteries.
        Activation mode: Setting multiple cycle periods to get cycling charge & discharge to the battery of minimum capacity.
       Equipped with optimized activation setting function, here are internal specialist system control, optimizing system, prominent activated effect and high activated efficiency.
       Multiple optional settings, users can set constant current, activated time, activated toplimt and bottom limit etc.
       It can monitor the voltage, current, time, dv/dt variated curve of battery charge & discharge, and the recording data can be transfored though serial port or U disk.
       Data managing software can analyze the chronic state of battert charge ( discharge) and activation, so as to generate the related data reports.
       Interface all in Chinese, easy operation, light weight, small volume and convenient to take.
  •     Can get activated test about single battery with 2V, 6V, 12V those three different voltage levels, it’s the ideal and perfect product specially used for mataining and processing delayed batteries.
        Can be used as capacity test of single battery to judge the quality of new-installed battery.
        Can be used as single battery charge, to charge the new-installed or
        Can instantaneously discharge through large current to test single battery’s internal resistance.
        Three working modes: Discharging mode, charging mode, activation mode.
        Can record battery’s capacity improvement and internal resistance decrease after every rounds of activating through the activated process.
  • Type


     Battery voltage




     Discharging current




     Charging current




     Toplimit of voltage




     Bottom limit of voltage




     Display mode

     LCD screen & large character

     Current precision


     Voltage precision


     serial port

     RS232,       USB

     Chassis size




     Working power supply


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