“FD-110” - Battery Load Tester(discharge instrument)

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  •  This device is composed of storage battery tester’s host machine and single battery wireless monitoring system.

    Host machine
    All-sided functions
         Can use as galvanic battery loading tester (discharger) to test capacity of storage battery.
         Connecting with the single battery wireless monitoring system to monitor every single battery’s charging & discharging curve. Supporting chronical monitoring.
         Constant current discharging, continuous and adjustable discharging current.
        Can be parallelly connected to constant current loading module to satisfy the requirements of larger charging current.
        Automatic stoping and suspending function: It will automatically stop while the whole group battery or single battery’s voltage is below the setting value, or the time of discharge is out. Users can also manually suspend the test when discharging.
        It can regroup various parameters and discharging curve. Single battery’s voltage, discharging curve and bar graph can be displayed the whole process and automatically stored in the equipment. And they won’t loss even the power drop.
        Built-in memorizer with large capacity and difficult loss, it can save various groups of discharging curves.
        Multiple controlling ways: Manual control on the stage, background computer control.
        Reliable error protection function, adopting PTC discharging load and special controlling ways, high reliability, small volume, light weight, convenient operation and easy to take.
        Large screen, HD LCD displayed all in Chinese, easy operation and convenient use. 
        Setting system paremeter ( dischrging current, protective bottom limits of discharging voltage, discharging time and cells of battery) with your free will.
        Convenient communication function: Supporting the RS232 communication, and users can also upload data to comuputer to analyze and process them.
        Complete computer managing analysis software, it can display the parameters, curves in real time, and output reports, or display parameters and curves during the diacharge when controlling it by computer.
        Multiple wireless measuring modules measure the voltages of every single battery in distributed way. Convenient to install the wiring, short wiring.
       Wireless measuring module suits for the 2V~ 12V battery ( compatible with 2V, 6V, 12V).
       Adopting wireless connection of ISM frequency range between the wireless measuring modules and master controlling modules. No exposed antenna, reliable communication, no interference.
       All the address codes of measuring modules can be alter at will, to satisfy the applying demands under special circumstances like module error etc. The transmitting frequency corresponds to national regulation.
       The wireless-battery voltage collecting module is of the features as following, high collecting precision, low consumption, full plastic part, small volume, light weight, convenient use, save and reliable.
        Equipped with RS232 and USB communication interface, wireless master controlling modules can communicate and control with computer, host machine of tester and other equipment.
       Every single measuring module can simultaneously measure at most 4 batteries. The total number of whole group monitoring batteries can get 120 cells.
        Wireless battery tesing system can also be used independently to monitor the operating state of battery charge and floating charge online.
        Complete computer managing analysis software, it can display the measuring data and curves in real time, inquire data and output reports.
        Adopting the standard communication protocol MODBUS between the master controlling module and PC machine or discharger, it’s of well compatibility. 
  •     It can use as galvanic battery discharger to automatically test loading weight of storage battery and whole groups of discharging curve. 

        It can monitor every single battery’s voltage and discharging curve through wireless communication in the discharging and charging process. And it can automatically alarm to suspend or continue discharge when any single battery is below the bottom limit.  Wireless monitoring system can also be used independently to monitor the operating state of battery charge and floating charge online.
  • Storage battery test

        Voltage for storage battery: 110V±10%
        Types for single battery:  2V, 6V, 12V
        Discharging current of host machine: 5 - 100A
        Maximum discharging current of loading module in parallel: 20-200A
         Constant current precision of host machine: ±1 %                                 
         voltage precision of host machine: ±0.5 %            
     Wireless battery measuring system
        Adjusting mode: GFSK                
       Working frequency: 428~434MHZ   
        Transmitting power: <10dBm                
       Receipting sensitivity: -100dBm
        Aerial velocity: 100kbps                     
        Communication transmitting distance: <30M
        Voltage measuring precision:  >0.5%    
       Working power supply:  DC 3~18V
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