“HCV-260” - Capacitive Voltage Transformer Tester

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  • ■  Users can finish the error testing of capacitive voltage transformer with only one tester, it doesn’t need syntonic voltage booster, standard voltage transformer, loading trunk, error calibrator etc.
    Small volume, light weight, easy to take and test in scene.
    Adopting standard voltage transformer of class 0.02 inside, with combinative technology of error measuring method and frequency variation test, it simulate digital calculating process to finally get the errors of capacitive voltage transformer.
    To ensure the safety of spot testing, it’s not allowed to produce testing voltage more than 3kV during the test.
    Easy wiring, one time only, without changing wires.
    The device can store 2000 groups testing data, and it won’t loss even the power loss. Users can upload to computer with U disk to get data analysis and generate WORD reports.
    With micro printer, it can print spot testing data.


  •    To measure the differential and angle difference of capacitive voltage transformer with standard point 80%, 100%, 120%.



  • ■  Transformation ratio testing limits

    35KV/100V     35/ kV / 100/ V           

    66KV/100V     66/ kV / 100/ V

    110KV/100V    110/ kV / 100/ V

    220KV/100V    220/ kV / 100/ V

    330KV/100V    330/ kV / 100/ V

    500KV/100V    500/ kV / 100/ V

    ■  Testing level: Class 0.05

    ■  Accuracy limits of calibrated capacitive voltage transformer: 1.0, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1

    ■  Supply voltage: 220V±10%  50Hz

    ■  Volume: L400×W190×H440

    ■  Weight: ≤19 kg


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