“FA-102A” - CT volt-ampere characteristic comprehensive tester

  • peculiarity/
  • function/
  • parameter
  • ■ Full automatic tester: The only thing you have to do is to set the highest output voltage and largest output current, donnot have to set recording step length, the equipment will directly start from zero to automatically boost and rise current to do tests. It will totally be automatic for testing data record, VA data description, 10% & 5% error curve and inflection point values calculation. Without adjusting and recording by yourself, it greatly promotes the testing efficience and eliminates many redundant steps. And the testing results can be stored in the machine, printed instantly or later,and you can also upload to computer with your U disk. Easy to grab, convenient to operate.
      High security and needless touch: All equipped in microcomputer type, it doesn’t need manual touch after setting, and the device tests all in automation. By keeping testers away from the high-voltage circuit, this will ensure the safety of testers.
    Large input capacity: The output power of stand-alone is large, AC voltage outputs 950V/10A, it can still gets 20A when it’s short, and the max current is 600A/4V.
    Supporting circumscribed voltage booster and current booster: While adopting external voltage booster to carry out VA characteristics test, it can output 2500V, 1.5A in maximum, and can satisfy the transformer’s VA characteristics test in 500KV, 1A. And external current booster can get 1000A4000VA). If customers use your own voltage booster and current booster to test, then you must have to choose our circumscribed signal collector accessory for VA characteristics and transformation ratio polarity test.
    Large screen LCD, graphical interface all in Chinese: Directly display the VA curve and recorded testing data, visual and convenient. The faceplate has its own printer, so it can automatically print curve diagram and testing data.
    Rotating mouse operation: Adopting our unique photoelectric rotating mouse to operate. It eliminates the various common widgets, such as faceplate key, switch, control knob etc. Convenient operation, long working life.
    Data storage with oversize capacity: It can store 80 groups testing data, and it won’t loss. Users can print after testing or upload to computer to save and print.
    Dual-operating mode: It can finish the whole tests without circumscribed PC machine, and here are RS232 communication interface and U disk interface for users to operate online. The stand-alone operating data can be upload to computer to save, display,edit and print.


  • ■  Single power supply input, 220V or 380V supply self-adjustment, combined with many functions, such as VA characteristics test, inflection point calculation, error curve, transformation ratio polarity test, angle difference test, secondary side circuit checkout and CT demagnetization.

    ■  This product can be used with special voltage booster/current booster-I type of transformer comprehensive tester.


  • Input supply voltage

    AC 380 V

    AC220 V

    Resolution Ratio

    CT VA characteristics test

    Stand-alone test

    0950V020 A

    0550 V020 A


    Circumscribed voltage booster

    02500 V01.5 A

    02500 V01.5 A


    Self-prepared voltage booster

    05000 V020 A



    transformation ratio test

    Primary side current

    Stand-alone test




    Circumscribed current booster




    Self-prepared current booster

    02000 A


    secondary side current

    05 A


    Measuring precision

    VA characteristics test

    < 0.5%

    5% & 10% error curve

    < 1%

    transformation ratio test

    < 1%

    angle difference test

    < 1%

    Supply voltage

    AC 220 VAC 380V  5060 Hz

    Working environment temperature

    -10℃- +50℃

    Host machine volume of tester

    400×300×320  mm³

    Host machine weight of tester


    Circumscribed voltage booster volume

    280×280×260  mm³

    Circumscribed voltage booster weight


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