“CTP-120P” - Transformer Comprehensive Tester (frequency conversion, class 0.1, large current)

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  •     Testing CT/PT VA characteristics curve and 10% error curve based on advanced frequency variation method, it outputs only 180V AC voltage and 5A AC current when it gets the most. But this can handle the CT test when its inflection point gets up to 30KV.
        Equipped with up-flow output function, the highest current of current booster can get 150A.
        All-sized functions, it can be used in steady or transient state characteristic testing, such as excitation with every kinds of CT&PT types, transformation ratio, phase, polarity, secondary winding resistance, load, differential and angle difference.
        It will automatically give the parameters of inflection point voltage/current, 10% error curve, 5% error curve, ALF, FS, Ts, Kr, accuracy class, saturable and unsaturated inductance etc.
        Ability to test and calculate CT&PT according to different standards of GB1208-2006 (IEC60044-1), GB16847-1997 (IEC60044-6) etc.
        Beautiful interface, graphical interface all in Chinese, 5.7 cun LCD, visible in the sunlight.
        Adopting rotating photoelectric mouse, convenient operation, easy to grab
        The device can store 3000 groups of testing data, no loss. And it can load data to analyze after testing, or upload to PC through U disk to generate WORD report.
        The faceplate has its own printer, so it can automatically print generated testing reports.
        Convenient testing. The other tests are all based on the same wiring except for loading test.
        Easy to take, weight <9Kg.  
  •     Device design can use in the following tests of CT&PT:

        Excitation characteristic testing
        Transformation ratio test
        Phase and polarity test
        CT secondary winding resistance measurement
        CT secondary circuit loading measurement
        CT transient state characteristic test and analysis
        CT up-flow test
        Test and checkout all kind types of CT&PT, including protection CT, measuring CT, TP-level’s transient state CT, CT with excitation saturable voltage getting up to 30KV, transformer drivepipe CT and PT with various voltage class.
         Parameters measurement of CT&PT,such as inflection point voltage/current, 10% (5%) error curve, ALF, FS, Ts, Kr, accuracy class, saturable and unsaturated inductance etc.
       This product can be used with “CTPS1 large current generator”, it can output 150A current in maximun to carry out spot through-flow test.
  •     Output voltage: 0~180V (RMS)
        Output current: 0~12A, peak value 36A
        Voltage measuring: accuracy rating ±0.2%
        CT transformation ratio measuring range: 1~30000
        CT transformation ratio measuring range: 1~30000
        Transformation ratio measurement: accuracy rating ±0.2%
        Phase measuring: accuracy rating ±5, resolution ratio 0.5’
        Secondary winding resistance measuring range: 0~300Ω, resolution ratio 0.2mΩ, precision 2%±2 mΩ.
        AC loading measurement: 0~300VA, accuracy 1%±0.1VA
        Up-flow output: 0~150A
        Input supply voltage: AC220V±20%, 50HZ
        Working conditions: Temperature -10℃~50℃, humidity ≤90%
        Size: 340mm×300mm×150mm
        Weight: <9kg
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