“NSA-60”- Network Protocol Analyzer (Optical digital multimeter)

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  • ■  Multiple standard messages: Completely abide by all kinds of optical digital message standards of IEC61850-9-1/9-2/9-2LE, GOOSE, IEC60044-7/8 FT3 and FT3LE, to test the optical digital relay protection observing and controlling device.

    ■  MU message testing: It can simulate merging unit ( MU) to simultaneously output 2 routes of IEC61850-9-1/2 and IEC60044-8 optical digital message, and realize the test about optical digital protection device and MU.
    All-sided functions: It supports the optical digital message about real-time monitoring network MU. Additional, it can display and record data’s waveform, real-time calculate the frame loss and messy codes during output. To recept dispersion analysis, prompt abnormal messages and use diagram to visually display the information about real-time message timing dispersion etc.
    Two routes for optical digital message’s reception: It supports the simultaneous reception and analysis about 2-route optical digital message. To carry out phase sequence and phase difference analysis, help users to visually check the message output.
    Automatic configuration: Supporting the SCD file import, it realized automatic configuration of current&voltage channel choice, proportional coefficient, ASDU number, sampling rate and GOOSE information etc. It has the compatible interface with various protection device.
    Timing test: Adopting optical serial port receiving multiplexing, multiple optical serial port can both transmit and receipt 9-1/2, FT3 message, receipting GOOSE & IEEE1588 clock message, and it can also finish the signal processing through optical code IRIG-B.

    ■  Separated structure: The system is composed of data detecting unit and palm PAD. Detecting unit gets the data from optical port, and transmit to palm computer to analyze, process and display through WiFi. The palm PAD moves flexibly, avoiding the damages to optical fiber while connecting to it. And besides, the PAD has powerful function, touch operation, large screen and heavy information.
    WiFi communication: Built-in Wifi wireless module with high performance, it supports the wireless transmission access technology, and the communication ratio can get 300MB/s to ensure the reliability and stability of the spot testing data.
    PAD operation for Android platform: The palm PAD adopts current wide-popular Android platform to develope, this is the national initiative. Keeping in line with the trends that testing equipment in power industry changes from portable type to handheld type, we lead the developing trend of industry.


  • ■  The NSA-60 handheld optical digital network protocol analyzer is based on the standard IEC61850. It’s widely used in easy test of bay unit device in intelligent substation, to analyze automatic system communication message in real time, to monitor the operating state of automatic system and timely alarm the abnormal state. It can also get offline analysis according to the communication message, look for the abnormal and hidden problems in system, analyze reasons for the error, and direct technicists to exclude hidden problems and faults of system.


  •  Main performance index

    ■  2 independent optical receiving port, supporting IEC61850-9-2   SMV,FT3 message and GOOSE optical digital message

    ■  2 independent optical sending port, supporting IEC61850-9-2   SMV,FT3 message and GOOSE optical digital message
    1 multiplex receiving port, supporting FT3/FT3LE, IRIG-B code and PPS impulse timing.

    ■  1 multiplex sending port, supporting FT3/FT3LE, IRIG-B code and PPS impulse timing.

    Optical fiber interface features

    ■  Optical fiber parameters: multimode optical fiber, ST interface, wavelength 850nm ( serial port)/1310nm (network)

    ■  Transmission power: >= -15dbm

    ■  Reception sensibility:<=-30dbm

    Environment parameters

    ■  Normal working temperature: -545℃

    ■  Limitation of working temperature: -1050℃

    ■  Storage and transportation: -2570℃

    ■  Relative humidity: 5%95%

    ■  Atmospheric pressure: 86106KPa


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