“RELAYTESTAR-502” - Relay Protection Tester(2I+3U)

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  • ■  “RELAYTESTAR-502” is a single-phase device compatible with three-phase: Here are 5 routes electrical input in all, they are 3 phases voltage and 2 phases current. Every phase of voltage can output AC120V/80VA, while every phase of current can output AC40A/450VA. The 2 phases current can directly output AC80A/900VA by paralleling into the single phase. This can directly output AC voltage&current, DC voltage and DC, and it can also change the angel and frequency, overlying the harmonic wave for 2~6 times.
    Intelligent host machine: Host machine adopts high speed and performance digital signal processor. It has the advantages of top-speed calculating speed, wide transmission band, and it can produce 360 dots high density fitting sine-wave per cycle to fundamental wave. This is the highest level between the similar output mode. Besides, it has the features of high fidelity, low distortion, especially when outputting harmonic. Even for 6 times harmonic and 300Hz, it can also get 60 dots D/A high density per cycle.
    Independent operating stand-alone: Adopting flexible rotating mouse to operate through large screen LCD, displayed entirely in Chinese. It can finish all kinds of large-scale and complicated checkout work with high automatic level.
    Large LCD screen: This machine adopts 320×240 large LCD screen with high resolution ratio, so the whole operating process can be set on the screen. The operating interface and testing results are all visually displayed in Chinese.
    Automatic miniature operation: By adopting the advanced controller “ rotating mouse”, it greatly simplified operating structure, made it easy and convenient to grab.
    Self-defense function: Reasonable design with heat dissipation structure, reliable and impeccable hardware protective measures. Equipped with soft start function of power supply, fault self-diagnostic function of software and latching function of output.
    Abundant contacts: 7 routes for contact input while 2 pairs for idle contact output. The input contact is compatible for idle contact and 0~250V potential contact. It’s also of intelligent automatic identification function.
    Integrated single-chassis structure of host machine: The boundary dimension is 400×370×140mm3, weighing 13kg only. Convenient to take and proceed flow test. 220V AC power supply only, direct work after startup.


  • ■  Except detecting various relay protection testers ( such as current, voltage, IDMT, power direction, impedance, differential, low-cycle, simultaneous, frequency, DC and time etc) and microcomputer protection, it can also simulate instantaneous, permanent and transformational faults to test. Users can directly and conveniently use after starting up.


  • ■  AC current output: 2 routes,  50A/ 450VA per route

    ■  AC voltage output: 3 routes,  125V / 85VA per route

    ■  Output accuracy: 0.2% (between the main measuring range) 

    ■  DC current output: 2 routes,  ±10A/200VA per route

    ■  DC voltage output: 3 routes,  ±160V(220V/150W) per route

    ■  Output accuracy: 0.5% (between the main measuring range) 

    ■  Phase: 0~359.9°

    ■  Accuracy: 0.5°

    ■  Output frequency: 0~300Hz

    ■  Frequency accuracy:0.001Hz (when 50Hz)

    ■  Overlying harmonic wave: 2~9 times

    ■  Binary input: 7 routes

    ■  Binary output: 2 pairs

    ■  Boundary dimension: 400×370×140mm3

    ■  Weight: 13kg


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