“RELAYTESTAR-7000A” - Comprehensive Digital Relay Protection Testing System

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  •     Versatile relay protection tester: Output for both 24 routes optical digital U&I signal and 12 routes standard analog U&I signal (120V×6 routes, 20A×6 routes).
        Compound output for various signals: Simultaneous output or compound output with arbitrary combination for standard analog output, IEC61850-9-2/9-1 output and FT3 output. It can satisfy the testing under all kinds of complex scenes.
        Completed SC-PC: Equipped with 8 “100M-FX”SC-PC,8FT3 transmission and 1 FT3 reception, simulate 12 MU to carry out protective testing and satisfy the testing requirements of ATS.
        Unique twisted monitoring function: Equipped with output function of 1 route G network twisted, and can monitor the input&output data during the testing process. It can realize the digital multimeter function through connecting the laptop to the G network twisted.
        Various standard messages: It can provide various messages suited for standard IEC61850-9-1/9-2/9-2LE、GOOSE、IEC60044-7/8 FT3 and FT3LE.
        Output of collector: It can provide collector’s messages output from various manufacturers.
        Merging unit testing mode: Outputting the sampling value messages with collector FT3、FT3LE format, and simultaneously reading the messages of merging unit 9-2 or FT3, to test the merging unit’s ratio error and angular difference.
        Network analyzer: Grab IEC 61850 or FT3 packets, display and record the data waveform, simulate frame loss and messy codes when outputting.
        Optical digital signal testing: It can simulate the packet loss, messy code, SMV data error and provide GOOSE storm testing.
        Visualized output waveform: Original stoping and wave record about 24 routes of output waveform, visual display and digitally record the output waveform from local or external equipment. Having solved the problems that digital protection cannot be directly tested and displayed the waveform.
        Completely resolve the protective model file: To realize the configuration about current&voltage’s channel choice, proportionality coefficient, ASDU number, sampling rate and GOOSE information. It can flexibly and easily protect the interface with every types.
        Various time mode: It can use second pulse, IRIG-B code or IEEE1588 for timing. Directly control by built-in GPS module,it can carry out bilaterally timing synchronous testing and fiber-optical current differential protection testing.
        Strong compatibility: Same testing interface style and operating habits with the traditional relay protection tester, easy for testers to get started.
  •     IEC 61850 is the unique national standard about intelligent converting station automatic system based on network communication platform. “RELAYTESTAR-7000”can both satisfy the testing for optical digital relay protection tester and automatic system of intelligient converting station completely suits for the standard IEC61850, and can also satisfy the testing of part-traditional analog type intelligient converting station and the complete-traditional normal ones. It provides a complete testing project for the relay protection automatic equipment from all kinds of converting station.

  • Ethernet Communication Interface

        Type: 10/100Base-TX(10/100Mbit, twisted pair, automatic cross)
        Port quantity: 1 for online
        Interface type: RJ45
    Ethernet Communication Interface
        Type: 10/100Base-TX(10/100Mbit, twisted pair, automatic cross)
        Port quantity: 1 message for 61850 or monitoring testing message
        Interface type: RJ45
    Optical-fiber Communication Interface
        Type: 100Base-FX(100Mbit, optical-fiber, full duplex)
        Port quantity: 8 pairs
        Interface type: LC
        Optical cable type: 62.5/125µm (multimode optical fiber)
        Wavelength: 1310nm
    FT3 Interface
        Port quantity: 9 in total ( 8 for transmission, 1 for reception)
       Interface type: ST
        Optical cable type: 62.5/125µm (multimode optical fiber)
        Wavelength: 850nm
    Standard analog U&I output
        AC current output: 6 routes, 20A/150VA per route   6 routes in parallel 120A/900VA
        AC voltage output: 6 routes, 120V/80VA per route  line voltage 240V/120VA
        AC Output accuracy: 0.1% (between the main measuring range)
        DC current output: 6 routes, ±10A/120VA per route
        DC voltage output: 6 routes, ±160V/80VA per route
        DC Output accuracy: 0.2% (between the main measuring range)
        Phase: 0~360°
        Phase accuracy: 0.01°
        Overlying harmonic wave: 0~24 times harmonic
        Output frequency: 0~1200Hz
        Frequency accuracy: 0.001Hz
    Switching value input
        Quantity: 8 routes
        Features: electrification or idle contact self-adaption
    Switching value output
        Quantity: 4 routes
        Capacity: AC250V/0.5A DC250V/0.2A
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