Business investigation to HAOMAI from Indonesia’s Tunas Company

  Mr. Dermawan, the technical expert from Tunas, a company in Indonesia, making a two-day visit to HAOMAI, visited the R&D department, production department and quality inspection department etc. Mr. Dermawan also took an experiment about “relay protection equipment” and “mutual inductor” in HAOMAI’s lab.
  Tunas, an Indonesian company specializing in selling electrical testing equipment and providing technical service with more than 10 years industry experience, is one of the main suppliers about electrical testing equipment of State Grid Corporation of Indonesia. Ana this investigation to China was aiming at finding strategic partners in electrical testing equipment field. Mr. Dermawan was pretty satisfied with this investigation to HAOMAI, and also came up with many constructive suggestions. At end, he showed great willingness to make the further cooperation in Indonesia with HAOMAI.


Mr. Dermawan(right)


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