The Certification Meeting about the Standard of Electric Power Industry held in HAOMAI

  Recently, the working team for the standard of electric power industry held third session about 《General specifications for digital protective relaying testing equipment》 at the headquarter of Wuhan HAOMAI on June 6, 2014. This standard was proposed by the China Electricity Council and centralized by the Technical Committee on relay protection of Standardization Administration of Power Industry. The units participated in standard certification include several provinces’ EASA, technical experts and leaders of power company, and leading enterprises in the industry.

  The aim for this standard is to normalize the design, manufacture, debugging, inspection and use of the digital protective relaying testing equipment. Besides, ensuring the testing process of protective intelligent equipment, control equipment and other intelligent equipment efficient so as to stable the operation and ensure the safety of power grid. This standard normalize the digital protective relaying testing equipment’s technical requirements, testing method, acceptance rules, packing, transportation, storage, logo, label, manual, supply and quality guarantee etc. It’s suits for the design, manufacture, use and inspection. And it does make significance for the development of protective relaying testing equipment field.
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