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Haomai electric power actively seek business interaction, through commercial layout, goal is to enter the top three in hubei electric power company sales scale, complete the layout of hunan, henan, jiangxi province, become the four central provinces (hubei, hunan, henan, jiangxi) the leading enterprises in the regional power system secondary test.

Sichuan office

Contact address: venture thatched cottage of chengdu north road thatched cottage Ming city 3 building, room 1102, unit contacts: Han Bin (sales manager), 13307123717

Liaoning office


Contact phone number:

Contact address:

Shanxi office

Contact address: construction of yingze district, taiyuan city, Shanxi Province north road station 26 Paris 15 / f, A no. 2

Contact: Zhou Jianjiang (sales manager), 13307151808


Henan office

Contact address: zhengzhou city high-tech zone in central state 863 software park building room 1412, 9 contacts: Li Xintai (sales manager), 13277998560


Jiangsu office

Contact address: nanjing jiangning district ssangyong avenue 577 HaoMing jia good garden 15 second floor

Contact: Du Jing add (sales manager), 13971394587


Hunan office

Contact address: hunan changsha evening news avenue east impression - 714 C

Contact: wang (sales manager), 13307123706


Guangxi office

Contact address: kunming xiong deyou stone house lane 1 salt company old room 3 unit 502, building 2

Contact: money (sales manager), 13307123716

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